UIL Numbers Drop Bobcats To 3A

The UIL released the new realignment and reclassification numbers for the next two years on Wednesday.  These numbers won’t tell you who is in your district starting in 2018-19, that will be in February.  But it will tell you what classification you will be in based on the enrollment number schools turned in in October.

Locally the big move comes for the Orangefield Bobcats where they will move down from 4A to 3A.  Head football coach and Athletic Director Josh Smalley said the move puts them on an even playing field.  “We still have to work hard to win,” Smalley said.  “But at least we know we’re not stepping on the field with schools twice our size trying to compete for a district championship.”

OF could be in a district with teams like Buna, Kirbyville, Woodville and East Chambers.  But again, the new districts won’t be announced until February.

Our other schools in the county and also Deweyville should stay in the same classification.  Silsbee will drop to 4A D2 which could put them as a district opponent of WOS in football.

Area enrollment numbers
Vidor 1333
LCM 1007
BC 812
WOS 583
OF 499
Deweyville 198


6A 2190 and Above 253 Schools (Basketball) 252 Schools (Football)
5A 1150 – 2189 254 schools (Basketball) 253 schools (Football)
4A 505-1149 191 schools (Basketball) 183 schools (Football)
3A 225 – 504 232 schools (Basketball) 211 schools (Football)
2A 105 – 224 198 schools (Basketball) 187 schools (Football)
1A 104.9 and below 211 schools (Basketball) 142 schools (Football)


1A Division I 55.5 – 104.9 73 schools
1A Division II 55 and below 69 schools
2A Division I 161.5 – 224 94 schools
2A Division II 105 – 161.4 93 schools
3A Division I 335 – 504 106 schools
3A Division II 225 – 334 105 schools
4A Division I 790 – 1149 93 schools
4A Division II 505 – 789 90 schools
5A Division I 1840 – 2189 126 schools
5A Division II 1150 – 1839 127 schools

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