Treasure Found Thursday

Treasure hunting fanatics Derek Jacob and Ricky Brannen teamed up to find the winning treasure hunt certificate Thursday morning at about 7:30 in the KOGT Mardi Gras Treasure Hunt.  They followed the clues to the Shangri La Botanical Gardens from Thursday’s clue, but noticed each clue took the hunters to a new location so theorized the treasure would not be hidden there.  They then looked at all the clues and checked a map of streets in that area.  Seeing Rio Grande Street they recalled “south of the border” mentioned in Clue 2.  Going back south from there they saw the bleacher seats in the field off of 20th Street.  “Fields” were mentioned in Clue 3 so they stopped and began searching.  Jacob admits he loves treasure hunts and has been actively seeking the certificate in the KOGT Mardi Gras Treasure Hunt for about three or four years.

Friday’s clue would have been: Ray Kinsella plows under his cornfield much to the dissatisfaction of everybody but his wife, daughter, and a bunch of deadbeat ball players.  Build it and they will come.  Hollywood made it and people did go to see it.  The premise may not have been very believable, but it sure proved a money maker for the producers.  If you want to be a winner too, you need to go see this one in person.

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