St. Mary Students Dominate Art Show

St. Mary Catholic School students placed in the Orange County Livestock Art Show.  Students that awards are as follows:


Verick Rincon (6th grade)             Secondary Champion for 6th – 12th grade


Jacob Gonzalez (7th grade)          Second Place 6th – 8th grade


Kaleb Malin (8th grade)                Third Place 6th – 8th grade


Aidan McAllister (7th grade)          Honorable Mention 6th – 8th grade


Madelyn Smith (6th grade)            Honorable Mention 6th – 8th grade


Preston Ewing (3rd grade)            Elementary Champion K – 5th grade


Catherine Doan (4th grade)          Second Place 3rd – 5th grade


Beonca Harvey (5th grade)           Third Place 3rd – 5th grade


Alyson McAllister (5th grade)        Honorable Mention 3rd – 5th grade


Lauren Corrao (5th grade)            Honorable Mention 3rd – 5th grade


Haley Johnson (5th grade)            Honorable Mention 3rd – 5th grade


Kirra Jaarah (2nd grade)               First Place K – 2nd grade


Brooklyn Stokey (2nd grade)         Second Place K – 2nd grade


Korbin Walker (1st grade)             Third Place K – 2nd grade


Brance Johnson (kindergarten)    Honorable Mention K – 2nd grade


Nylah Thomas (1st grade)            Honorable Mention K – 2nd grade


Sean Nieto (1st grade)                 Honorable Mention K – 2nd grade


Pictured are (left to right)

Bottom row – Brance Johnson, Kirrah Jaarah, Preston Ewing, Brooklyn Stokey, Sean Nieto, Nylah Thomas and Korbin Walker.


Send row – Lauren Corrao, Alyson McAllister, Beonca Harvey and Catherine Doan.


Standing – Maddie Smith, Jacob Gonzalez, Aidan McAllister and Verick Rincon.


Not pictured are Kaleb Malin and Haley Johnson

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