Coaches on the Move

Some coaches and Athletic Directors are putting together their coaching staffs for the upcoming school year.  The deadline comes in mid-July.  Below are some coaches who have made a move.  For any additions please email them to KOGT.

Coach Moving To Moving From
Shea Landry BC Asst WOS Hd Baseball
Sunny Hardy   OF Hd Basketball
Jake McDonald OF Hd Basketball BC Asst
VJ Bunner Warren Hd Baseball OF Asst
Darrin Fletcher Vidor Asst BC Asst
Lance Dale E.Chambers Asst Deweyville AD
Lawayne Siegert HJ Hd Volleyball Deweyville Hd Volleyball
Sara Ragsdale OF Asst BC Asst
Lee Legate OF JH Coord BC Asst
Blake Peveto Deweyville Asst LCM Asst
Joseph Viator WOS Asst WOS Hd Softball
Brandon Granger BC Asst H-Jeff Asst
 Tiffany McFatter WOS Hd Softball WOS Hd Basketball
Coleman Butter Shepherd Hd Baseball Deweyville Hd Baseball
Don Newton (WOS) Longview Hd Basketball Corsicana Hd Basketball
Eric Peevey (OF) West Brook Hd Football WB Asst
Ashlee Broussard OF Hd Volleyball OF JH Coach
Tara Gay Lumberton Hd VB OF Hd VB
Cody Knight (BC) Barbers Hill Hd CC BH MS CC
Brandon Prouse (OF) Deweyville AD & HFC Jasper Asst
Craig Jones WOS Hd Baseball Kirbyville Asst
Kandice Williams WOS GHd Basketball Plainview Asst
Seth Thomas WOS Asst.
Levi Moore Deweyville Asst LCM Asst
Zane Anderson Jasper Asst WOS Asst
Jake Rowell LCM Asst
Matt Burnett LCM Asst Retired
Chris Buechner LCM Asst
Jay Stone Ned Asst LCM Asst
DC Stallworth LCM Asst Bball

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