Bobcats Host Powerlifting Meet

Thursday: On Thursday February 16th the Orangefield Powerlifting team competed in the OF Invitational Meet. In the Boy’s division, Finishing 1st were Jacob Gulliot in the 148lb class (920lbs) and Aaron Galitz in the SHW division (1,435lbs). 2nd place finishers were Gavin Jackson in the 114lb class, Quy Tsan in the 148lb class, Christian Louvier in the 165lb class and Luke Padilla in the SHW division.  Brant Hyatt placed 3rd in the 165lb class.  The boy’s team finished 1st as a team.  The regional powerlifting meet will be held on March 10th in Anahuac for qualifying lifters.

In the Girl’s division, Madison Taylor finished 1st in the 123lb class with a total lift of 750 lbs.  Madison was also named Outstanding Lifter on the Light Platform.  Linh Tsan also finished 1st in the 114lb class with a total lift of 495 lbs.  2nd place finishers were Erica Phillips (114’s) and Julia Droll (165’s).  Mclain Down finished 3rd in the 181lb class.  The regional powerlifting meet will be held on March 2nd in Edna for qualifying lifters.



The WOS boys finished 2nd as a team at the OF meet, with two 1st place finishers, two 2nd place finishers, and one 3rd place finisher. Keyshawn Holman was awarded the outstanding lifter on the Heavyweight platform.

1st Place
Keyshawn Holman in the 181 lb class with a 1,350 pound total
Shemar Manaway in the 198 lb class with a 775 pound total

2nd Place
Jerrick Spencer in the 181 lb class with a 1,095 pound total
Paul Ivory in the 220 lb class with a 1,190 pound total

3rd Place
Ja’Qualan Coleman in the 220 lb class with a 1,150 pound total

4th Place
Bobby Rash in the 242 lb class with a 1,140 pound total

5th Place
Adrick Mims in the SHW class with a 1,110 pound total

1st Place
E’lazian Nickerson in the 148 lb class with a 655 pound total

3rd Place
Kennedy Queen in the 165 lb class with a 660 pound total

4th Place
Jachyria Locks in the 165 lb class with a 650 pound total


LCM Boys finished fourth and the girls were second
Name  Wt Class Total Place
Davila, Victor 165 1135 1st
Reed, Alex 220 1330 1st
Brown, Trent 220 1125 4th
Griffin, Malik 242 1040 5th
Lacour, Grant 275 1355 1st
Parks, Jordan 275 1225 3rd
Dyson, Chris SHW 1140 4th

Walker, Ceideah 105 325 1st
Williams, Alexia 132 510 2nd
Trichell, Alexis 132 510 3rd
Bates, Sarah 181 530 2nd
Mcgraw, Sydney 181 350 4th
Alicea, Krystal 198 510 4th
Dyson, Kelsey 259 640 1st
Dyson, Breanna 259+ 730 1st
*Girls Best Team finish of the year*

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