WOC Considering School Year Changes


The West Orange-Cove school board is considering a class schedule that will give students only six weeks off in the summer in plans that are sometimes called “year-long” school.

The alternative schedule will spread time off throughout the year with a break at the end of each six-week grading period. The Christmas break is three weeks.

The district is currently polling parents to see whether they want a traditional schedule for the 2018-19 school year, or one that has classes starting in the middle of July.

Board President Ruth Hancock said the extended schedule with the short summer will help students retain their lessons from the previous year when they move up a grade.

Hancock said the board will not change anything without the parents backing it. “It’s all up to the parents,” she said. In addition, the day care providers will need to be on board with the decision.

The poll includes three schedule proposals, one more traditional with school starting on August 27 and ending May 31.

Two versions of an “extended year” schedule are included with the difference in when the spring break will be taken. Under those two proposed schedules, classes for the year will start on July 17 and end on May 23.

The proposed schedules are on the district’s website.

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