Pirates Back to Back UIL Academic Champions


For the second year in a row, Deweyville Elementary took home first place at the University Interscholastic League Academic Meet hosted by West Hardin ISD.  The little pirates placed in almost every event with exceptional performances in Music Memory, Art Smart, Social Studies, Spelling, Maps, Graphs and Charts and Listening Skills.  This victory comes in spite of being displaced following the devastating flooding endured by Deweyville twice in the span of 22 months.  From portable buildings in the parking lot of their high school, the staff of Deweyville Elementary led and coached their students five days a week for three months.  Their victory is a testament to their resiliency and their unwavering commitment to excellence.

2nd Grade Creative Writing

Kamen Collins-2nd Place

Brok Broussard-3rd Place

2nd Grade Storytelling

Kamen Collins-3rd Place

Claylee Hamilton-5th Place


3rd Grade Music Memory

Abbi Stipelcovich-2nd Place

Rossyn Smith-6th Place

Team:  Abbi Stipelcovich, Rossyn Smith, Brooklyn Williams, Claylee Hamilton-3rd Place

2nd-3rd Grade Chess Puzzles

Jerry Langford-3rd Place

Jaylin Haralson-6th Place

Team:  Jerry Langford, Jaylin Haralson, Raylee Browning-3rd Place

3rd Grade Mathematics

Jerry Langford-2nd Place

Team:  Jerry Langford, Raylee Browning, Jaxen Carpenter-3rd Place

3rd Grade Music Memory

Waylon Talbert-4th Place

Jaxen Carpenter-6th

Team:  Waylon Talbert, Jaxen Carpenter, Jerry Langford, Hagen Lee-3rd Place

3rd Grade Spelling

Jaylin Haralson-2nd Place

Team:  Jaylin Harolson, Jerry Langford, Raylee Browning-3rd Place

3rd Grade Ready Writing

Jaylin Harolson-3rd Place

4th Grade Art Smart

Stephen Lout-2nd Place

Kylee Curry-5th Place

Team:  Stephen Lout, Kylee Curry, Brody Duhon-2nd Place


4th Grade Music Memory

Jackson Crabtree-1st Place

Braylee Fuselier-2nd Grade

Team:  Jackson Crabtree, Braylee Fuselier, McKinley Farmer, Alexis Gerity, Jaxon Slone-1st Place

4th Grade Number Sense

William Fountain-3rd Place

4th Grade Spelling

Jaxon Slone-3rd Place

4th Grade Oral Reading

Stephen Lout-6th Place

4th-5th Grade Chess Puzzles

Aymaan Dhanani-6th Place

Team:  Aymaan Dhanani, Jesse Langford, Riley Arceneaux-2nd Place

5th Grade Art Smart

Lakyn Williams-1st Place

Lexis Moss-6th Place

Team:  Lakyn Williams, Lexis Moss, Kallel Crooks-2nd Place Team

5th Grade Music Memory

Aymaan Dhanani-1st Place

Jesse Langford-5th Place

Baylee Smith-6th Place

Team: Aymaan Dhanani, Jesse Langford, Baylee Smith, Kallel Crooks, Brooke Meadows-2nd Place

5th Grade Number Sense

Jesse Langford-4th Place

Lakyn Williams-6th Place

Team:   Jesse Langford, Lakyn Williams, Kylie Barnes-1st Place


5th Grade Ready Writing

Brooke Meadows-2nd Place

Zoe Coker-5th place

5th Grade Social Studies

Aymaan Dhanani-1st Place

Brooke Meadows-3rd Grade

Team:  Aymaan Dhanani, Brooke Meadows, Zoe Coker-1st Place

5th Grade Spelling

Aymaan Dhanani-1st Place

Lakyn Williams-2nd Place

Riley Arceneaux-4th

Team:  Aymaan Dhanani, Lakyn Williams, Riley Arceneaux-1st Place

5th Grade Maps, Graphs, & Charts

Kylie Barnes-1st Place

Team:  Kylie Barnes, Aymaan Dhanani, Micah Curl-3rd Place

5th Grade Oral Reading

Baylee Smith-4th Place

5th Grade Listening Skills

Zoe Coker-1st Place

Brooke Meadows-6th Place

Team:  Zoe Coker, Brooke Meadows, Jesse Langford-1st Place








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