Orange Extends Debris Pickup

The City of Orange has extended debris pickup from Harvey with storm-related trash needing to be out on the curb by February 1. City crews with grappler trucks will complete the rounds by February 23.

City Council and City Manager Dr. Shawn Oubre talked Tuesday about the continuing problems with storm debris four months after the flood.

Oubre told the council that FEMA has agreed to reimburse the city 90 percent of the costs for picking up the debris until February 23. The city owns two grappler trucks that are used for monthly residential pickup of tree limbs and other vegetation.

Oubre said when the trucks are used for storm debris, residents should expect delays in their usual schedules for monthly grappler truck pickups.

The city’s contractor to pick up Harvey debris left in early December because not enough trash was left to keep drivers and crews employed. However, more debris has been left outside of houses since then.

The city manager reiterated that only debris from damaged homes that have been mucked will be picked up. FEMA will not pay for construction trash left by homeowners and contractors. He said the contractors and homeowners are responsible for disposing for construction remains.

“Some people think they’re going to leave it (trash) and then the city will pick it up,” said District 1 Councilor Pat Pullen.

In addition, the storm-related trash must be left within 10 feet of the city’s right-of-way along the street.

Oubre said the city has had complaints about trash being left at curbs at areas that did not flood. The property owners are responsible for that trash, he said.

“I think we shold be lax a little longer,” Pullen said.

Oubre said in March council should review how to use city code enforcement officers to begin citing property owners with mounds of trash outside.


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