OPD Arrests One, Cites Another

A man who was riding in a car with drugs and cash escaped Orange police in the middle of Monday night by swimming across Cooper’s Gully. The woman who was driving the car was arrested for misdemeanor marijuana and possession of a controlled substance.

Officer M.C. Bernard reported he was on a service call to the area of Sixth and Burton streets about midnight. He saw a Nissan four-door car traveling slowly by. As it passed, he smelled marijuana from the car.

He said he followed the car and stopped it when the driver failed to signal within 100 feet before turning north on Second Street. When he stopped the car, a man ran out of the passenger side of the car, swam across the gully and disappeared into the night.

Officer Bernard reported he saw marijuana on the center console and began searching the car. He found cash and two baggies of pills in the console. The pills were Alprazolam, also marketed as Xanax.

Upon asking, the woman pulled a baggie of marijuana out of her pants. Police reported the baggie weighed an ounce. When searching the car, he found a Crown Royal velvet bag with $771 in the trunk of the car. Added to the $381 in the console, police found a total of $1,152 cash in the car.

20-year-old Kayla Marquil Netherly was arrested and taken to the Orange County Jail. She faces a misdemeanor charge of possession of marijuana plus a felony charge of possession of a controlled substance.


One man was injured Tuesday afternoon when his pickup truck hit a utility pole, a dumpster and a metal building on Border Street. Orange police reported he was taken by Acadian Ambulance to Baptist Hospital in Beaumont.

Orange police reported 58-year-old Jay Tantzen was driving southbound and left the roadway near the large curve when DuPont Drive turns into Border Street.

The Ford F-150 truck went back into the roadway and then left a second time. The passenger side of the truck hit a steel pole and then hit a dumpster. The collision also damaged the dumpster. The front end of truck then hit the A-1 Peterson Plumbing building.

Officer D.Y. Myers gave Tantzen a citation for failure to control speed.

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