Newton Co. Sheriffs Report

by Sheriff Billy Rowles


We were bowed up all week.  Hope ya’lls week was a good one.


We received a call where a wife stabbed her husband in the neck.  They had been having problems and she took a hand full of pills.  She was life flighted to Beaumont, looks like she is going to make it.


Got a call from one of the high schools about an intoxicated student.  The student had assaulted a member of the staff and was now throwing up.  He was taken to the hospital and will be dealt with later.


We got a call from a lady about empty corn sacks on the highway right-of-way.  I got to noticing and wow, they are everywhere.  Please, all of us hunters need to be more responsible with the sacks.


We are still getting calls about hunters shooting too close to houses.  Please be careful when you shoot.


Received a call where a bow was found on the road near Deweyville.  Anyone lose a bow and a case, give us a call and describe it.


Received a prowler call where the prowler was on the carport making a lot of racket.  Turned out it was a neighbor’s horse who likes deer feed.  By the way, the call was at my house.


I will be going to Austin on Friday for a ceremony honoring Joseph Obie Talley.  Deputy Talley was a Newton County Deputy kill in the line of duty August 24, 1929.  This honor is long overdue.


Gotta Go:  Thought for the week.  The reason a dog has so many friends is because it wags his tail instead of his tongue.  Ya’ll have a great week and if we can help, just holler.  God Bless


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