WO Council Denies Request

The West Orange City Council denied a request Monday for a variance to a city ordinance concerning trailer parks.  Joshua Kalena and David Heinz want to open a 24-space trailer park on a 1.2-acre lot on Elkport.  City ordinance requires the size of a trailer park to be at least five acres.

Kalena and Heinz believe the trailer park would help citizens have an alternative to living in a tent shelter and a place for contractors to reside during recovery from the flooding of Harvey.  Alderman Carl Thibodeaux said the proposed trailer park is too small, and may not meet other statutes of the city ordinance.  He compared the proposed 1.2-acre lot to the size of the property where his home is located.  “You’re going to bunch them all up in there, there won’t be a place for parking.  I don’t see how you could even do 24 spaces in there,” Thibodeaux summarized.

The City Council left the door open for approval of another variance request for the placement of a manufactured home at South Avenue and Henrietta Street.  Haven Allison made the request and received positive feedback from the council.  Allison was asked to submit a more detailed diagram and specifics to the City Council of the type of manufactured home and how it would be anchored to the ground.  The indication from the council was the variance might be granted at a future meeting if Allison provides the requested information. 

A request to waive a lien on property located on Flint Street was dropped by Jay and Mary Odom when the City Council was willing to drop the amount of the interest from the original cost of demolishing a structure on the property, but not the cost of the demolition which was $5200.  The Odom’s would also have to pay over four thousand dollars in back taxes if they bought the property, which they determined was not worth the close to ten thousand dollars.
-Dan Perrine, KOGT-

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