Wienerschnitzel Looking For Return To Pinehurst

Fans of the Wienerschnitzel restaurant on MacArthur Drive in Pinehurst may only have another couple of months to wait for one of their great hot dogs.  Pinehurst City Administrator Robbie Hood indicated the city’s code enforcement and building officials have met recently with contractors hired by the Wienerschnitzel.  Permits for remodeling the restaurant will be sought from the city in the near future.  The renovations will include upgrades to the restaurant, new equipment, three new grease traps to help with waste water treatment, and a repaving of the parking lot.  Hood informed, “They expect a projected re-opening date mid-to-late April of this year.”

Hood shared more good news that Pinehurst’s current Texas Community Development Block Grant project is nearly complete.  The grant was used to install five new pumps at the waste water treatment plant.  Hood informed the Pinehurst City Council on Tuesday that the pumps are functioning at the level required. 

Pinehurst has applied for a 2017-18 block grant and Hood explained what that project will be.  A 14-inch trunk line that runs east of the veterinary clinic to the 34th Street lift station will be redone.  “It’s going to help with a lot of infiltration in that area.” Hood said.  The project will include pipe bursting of the line similar to that done on Lark Street in a previous block grant according to Hood.

Pinehurst Police Chief Fred Hanauer received approval from the City Council Tuesday to apply for two grants.  The first is a 2017 Homeland Security Grant that Hanauer said will be used to improve communications at the Pinehurst Fire Department.  The grant will allow for the purchase of three new mobile radio units.  Hanauer stated, “That will replace three of the older radios that are non-digital and non-compliant with the current FCC regulations.”

The second application is for a 2018 Justice Assistance Grant according to Hanauer.  The money will be used if granted to purchase special police vest.  Chief Hanauer acted on the grant at the suggestion of Pinehurst Alderman T. W. Permenter to seek better protection for Pinehurst Police officers.  The Rapid Deployment Vest is geared to actually repel armor piercing rounds.  “Each officer will have one of their own, it will stay in the vehicles, and they throw it on over their existing protection if they’re headed to an active shooter or any type of incident like that.” Hanauer concluded.

In other business the Pinehurst City Council approved a waiver to allow the Orange County Mosquito Control District to fly at low altitudes over the city to spray for mosquitoes.  The council also approved an ordinance authorizing Pinehurst to continue participation this year in the coalition of cities that monitor the rates of Entergy with the Texas Public Utility Commission and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

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