West Orange Eases On Restrictions

HUD-Code manufactured homes will now be allowed in designated areas of West Orange because of a revised ordinance approved Tuesday by the West Orange City Council.  The Ordinance 302-D will allow manufactured homes primarily in Flood Plain A, but not all of that area.

The revised ordinance has already benefitted two families who are wanting to place HUD-Code manufactured homes in the city.  Haven Allison made the initial request two months ago for a variance to the then existing ordinance, so she could place a HUD-Code manufacture home at the corner of South and Henrietta.  She was denied the variance at that time.

Lois Guidry made another request this month for a variance, but like Allison no action is needed now because the new ordinance will allow both to place a HUD-Code manufactured home on their property.  Guidry will need to demolish the current substandard structure on her property before placing the manufactured home there.

The City Council approved authorizing Mayor Roy McDonald to submit a request to the General Land Office and FEMA to allow for debris removal from private property especially residents on private roads.  The council also approved at the recommendation of Code Enforcement Officer Dean Fuller extending the permits issued for temporary housing in the city for another 90 days. 

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