Two Citizens Help Stop Suspect

Two men were honored Thursday evening by the Vidor Police Department with the Citizen Crime Fighter Award.

Police Chief Rod Carroll said David King and Steven Barnhart helped a Walmart employee who was attacked by a shoplifting suspect the afternoon of Sunday, May 28. The two tackled the suspect and held him to the ground until police arrived.

Chief Carroll said the suspect had tried to use a set of keys as a shank to punch at the store employee and at King and Barnhart. The suspect had been trying to get to his vehicle where police later discovered he had a pistol.

21-year-old Jacob Sutton of Beaumont was arrested for robbery in connection with the incident. The charge was enhanced from a misdemeanor theft because of the attack on the store’s loss prevention officer.

The award ceremony was in the Vidor City Council Chambers before the regular council meeting.

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