Pillsbury New County EMC


County Judge Brint Carlton has appointed Missy Pillsbury as the new Emergency Management Coordinator (EMC) for Orange County.  The appointment comes with the resignation of Charlie Cox as the EMC.

Cox said he regretfully submitted his resignation last week to Judge Carlton.  A sick family member has caused Cox to step down from his position with the county so he could help care for the family member.  He has served as the county’s Emergency Management Coordinator since last summer.  Pillsbury was promoted from the position of Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator which she has held since Cox took his position as EMC in June of 2016.  Judge Carlton indicated he will be looking for a new deputy coordinator to work with Pillsbury.

The Commissioners Court approved a greatly revised and updated Personnel Policy Manual Tuesday.  The manual was compiled by Human Resource Director Lori Ardoin with the great assistance of workers in her office as well as several other departments at the courthouse.  Ardoin said the manual will be online and will be updated as need be for easier reference.  She requested and the Commissioners approved all current county employees sign acknowledgement that they agree to the policies in the manual.  Ardoin said there were nine policies that were revised and updated including the name of her office which was previously the Personnel Department prior to the current name of Human Resource Department. 

The second budget workshop of the year was held Tuesday afternoon for the Commissioners Court.  County Judge Carlton indicated the discussions emphasized ways the county could increase revenues in the county.  County Road and Bridge Engineer Clark Slacum submitted a list of ideas that included how to improve collections of fees, taxes, and other revenues available to the county.  Much of the discussions centered on how to improve funding for the Orange County Economic Development Corporation which would then help increase property values and likewise improve county revenues.  Carlton said, “I think overall it was time well spent.”  Another workshop may be scheduled next month.  The Commissioners Court is seeking ways to make up the over $3-million expenditure because of the Montano lawsuit against Orange County.
-Dan Perrine, KOGT-

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