Paradise Is Lost


Paradise is lost, and no one is crying about it.  The old Video Paradise store on MacArthur Drive is being demolished and the lot cleared.

Pinehurst Code Enforcement Officer Harry Vine is pleased.  Vine said it took some persuasion with the property’s owner, but demolition was started Thursday on the property in the 2500 block of MacArthur Drive and should be completed by Friday, June 16.

The property where the old video store sat is shaped like an inverted “L” according to Vine.  The property adjacent to it on the west is already for sale.  The recently re-opened Wienerschnitzel restaurant is just east of the property that is now vacant.

Vine believes one or both the properties could be developed now with the dilapidated building removed.  “The property looks much, much better.  We’re hopeful, the city is, now that the property is not encumbered with that eye-sore that another person or another entity might be willing to come in and develop that property, and it be something that everybody could enjoy and take advantage of here in the city,” Vine stated.

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