Orange P&Z To Meet


The Orange Planning and Zoning Commission will meet Tuesday to recommend proposed capital improvements to the city manager. City Planning Director Kelvin Knauf said the recommendations are not binding, but the city charter requires the process.

The charter says the commission is to submit the recommendations “which in the opinion of the Commission are necessary of desirable during the forthcoming five year period.”

The city’s Public Works Department is proposing for consideration nine park improvements. The proposals for the upcoming 2017-18 budget year are $50,000 from federal community development block grants for new playground equipment for Navy Park along with a new pavilion at Lions Den Park at an estimated $103,700.

Utility improvements proposed for the upcoming year fall are in the water and sewer departments. The projects are $50,000 to upgrade the sewer lift station in the Lowe Addition, $175,000 to replace pumps at the Link Avenue water plant, and $100,000 to rehabilitate the center water well.

The Planning and Zoning Commission will meet at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Neighborhood Facility Building on Eighth Street.


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