Hotline For Private Property Debris

The Orange County Emergency Management Department is issuing a phone HOT line to allow citizens to help have debris removed from their private property.  Emergency Management Coordinator Ralph Valenciano provided on Tuesday a six-step procedure for citizens to follow to make sure debris on their private property is removed.

Citizens can call (409)745-9809 for information on the debris removal from their property.  Valenciano indicated the various contractors have already hauled in 347,000 cubic yards of debris, some of which has been taken to the Newton landfill as its final destination.

The Orange County landfill continues to waive fees for citizens who are bringing debris as a result of Harvey to the FM 1442 location.  Hours of the landfill are from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Mondays through Saturdays.

The Commissioners approved a blanket coverage for citizens to get temporary housing during the next 18 months.  County Code Compliance Director Joel Ardoin said this will remove much of the red tape for citizens needing temporary housing like FEMA trailers.  “It makes it easier on the home owners to get the FEMA trailers just the temporary housing in place.  They don’t have to go through all the paper work, they don’t have worry about getting the elevation certificate, and FEMA promises they won’t sell that to them if they have to place it below the base flood level without bringing them into compliance,” Ardoin explained.

jscalesJames Scales (left) was recognized by the Commissioners Court for his being awarded by the Southeast Texas Young Professionals Organization as one of the top 40 under 40 professionals in the Golden Triangle.  As the County Health Inspector Scales evaluates restaurants and eating establishments in the county for their sanitary and health practices. 

Orange County received a large check from representatives with Entergy at the start of the Commissioners Court meeting.  The Commissioners accepted the check for $16,540 which was awarded by Entergy for conservation incentives as a result of the lighting and HVAC projects done for the county by Way Services.

Human Resources Director Lori Ardoin informed the Court she had not received a special letter, so there was no action taken Tuesday regarding legal representation for the Commissioners Court.  Assistant County Attorney Doug Manning is the current legal counsel for the Court, but he has indicated he will retire in early 2018.




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