Harvey Forms Need To Be Filled Out For Accuracy

The Orange County Appraisal District is asking all property owners to turn in the Hurricane Harvey forms mailed out at the end of last year. The forms are also found on the district’s website and may be filled out online.

“We’re urging people to turn them in whether they flooded or not,” said Deputy Chief Appraiser Scott Overton.

The one-page form has four questions besides the basic information for name and address.

The district wants the form turned in by March 9 to prepare an accurate list of property values for the local taxing entities. The entities will use the valuations to calculate property tax income and budgets for the 2018-19 fiscal year.

The forms include the question of the estimated cost to fix the damage to a building as of January 1. The answer to that question could save the property owner tax money because it could lead to a lower property appraisal.

But Overton said that’s not the only reason to turn in the one-page questionaire for home and business owners. The appraisal district is trying to map areas that flooded and properties that did not.

One question is how much water did a building get inside or whether the building did not flood.

If people have misplaced their forms that were mailed, they can call the appraisal district at 745-4777 and request another one. They may also go by the appraisal district, which is at 9157 Interstate 10 West.

The form is also online at the district’s website on the right side of the homepage under “News and Alerts.” The email address for the district is info@orangecad.net.

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