Leak Repaired at Claiborne Park

A month-long project to prevent an environmental disaster came to a successful conclusion on Thursday.  County workers from multiple departments responded quickly and effectively to prevent a contamination of Cow Bayou at the Claiborne West Park.

Commissioner Barry Burton said a leak in a diesel storage fuel tank was first discovered on June 8.  The fuel tank had not been used in over eight years and had an outside containment area, but the drain was faulty resulting in a leak that was no more than a drip.  The diesel, however, was headed downhill towards the bayou.

Acting quickly the county’s Parks Department and the Maintenance Department put up booms to control the leak.  The Road and Bridge Department used its equipment to dig up the soil where the diesel had leaked.  The Donovan Company supplied containers to hold the contaminated dirt.  The Code Enforcement Department then performed test on samplings of the dirt to make sure everything was done properly. 

Immediately, Commissioner Burton reported the spill to state agencies including the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).  The state inspected the area in Claiborne West Park around the tank.  As of this week TCEQ has tested the soil near where the leak was and found it to be cleared of contaminates.  Containers with the contaminated dirt were hauled off Thursday.  The final step will have the county going back and refilling the area that was dug up with new dirt which should be done in the next week.
-Dan Perrine, KOGT-


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