I think most of us will agree that this technological world we live in is going too fast.  Or at least too fast for most people my age.  By the time we learn one new gadget it's either been replaced or updated. 


At KOGT we're doing our best to stay up to date and provide as many ways as possible to listen.  Besides the grand old radio (90 years strong) in your car or home there are four and sometimes five other ways (currently) to listen to KOGT.  We've been asked to explain in English and in Layman's terms so we'll try, but you could be more confused by the time you get to the end.


If you live in the Orange area and have Time Warner cable television, KOGT is the audio on the local government channel.  Since TW decided to remove or change a few channels earlier this year, you may or may not be able to listen.

    If you have "digital" cable you should be able to hear the local government channel on Ch. 4.  OR if you have a newer television you may also be able to get it on channel 6.(point) 4.  The Lamar Orange Channel would be 6.7

    If your TV doesn't pick it up on either channel 4 or 6.4 you can also try to "auto-channel" your television and it may pick up the new digital channels.  (Told you this could be more confusing.)



Then there is the internet.  Go to the KOGT Sports page and look to the left where you will see the Listen Live button that is blinking.  As we all know the internet is not full-proof and there are glitches every now and then.  Plus there are some programs we don't broadcast over the net.



Under the Listen Live button you will see a link where you can listen to KOGT on both your Smart Phones (I-phone, Droid, etc) and I-pad.  Once you're directed to the link you will see the "play" button to press.  NOW, since you can take KOGT with you on the road through the internet, it is worth noting that it is not advised to use your Smart Phones or I-pad to listen to KOGT while you're watching the "live" sporting event that we are covering.  The reason for that is there is a 20-30 second delay when listening through the internet.



 If you want to listen to the broadcast of the game that you're attending (and we advise it!) you can listen by portable radio (Walkman, etc.) OR you can purchase one of our in-stadium monitors from KOGT for $10.  The in-stadium monitor allows you to listen to our broadcast.  So even if we are doing a game in Houston, if you have one of our monitors, you will be able to listen to the broadcast as long as you are in the same stadium.




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