Homeowners Looking For City’s Help

Owners of a house in the Hillbrook subdivision are asking the Orange City Council to help them get a federal flood mitigation buyout on their property. The request has been in the works for three years.

The Orange Council will meet Tuesday morning at 9 and the business includes the request from Mr. and Mrs. David Bellon for 3809 Huntwick Drive.

City Emergency Management Director Lee Anne Brown, in a letter to the council, said the property has been flooded eight times, not including from Tropical Storm Harvey. Flood insurance has paid a total of $366,000 to fix the damage before Harvey.

The possible buyout will come from FEMA and will not cost the city any money.

Also, the council will hold a public hearing for improvements for Ridgemont Park, which is in the 100-year flood plain. The city usually budgets to re-do at least one public park every year.

The meeting will be in the council auditorium next to the Orange Public Library.

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