West Orange Extends Debris Deadline

West Orange City Secretary Theresa Van Meter released the following info concerning Harvey debris: 

The City of West Orange was notified this morning that the County has extended the Hurricane Harvey debris removal contract. A time frame for this extension is unknown at this time, but any debris resulting from the storm is eligible for pickup.  Do not place this debris in roadways or ditches, or anywhere that would impair visibility to motorists.

We DO NOT have a schedule of when the trucks will be in West Orange, so we advise you to put any eligible debris you may have out as soon as possible.  It may be picked up in a week, however, it may be a month or longer.  The City has no control over the scheduling of the contracted pickups.

Construction or other debris resulting from repairs and/or new construction is NOT eligible for pickup and should be disposed of by your building contractor.  If new debris is mixed or piled with “storm” debris, it will not be picked up.

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