BC Creating Beautification Committee


Tropical Storm Harvey did not hit Bridge City as hard as it did other cities in the county or as Hurricane Ike did in 2008, but there was still some flooding.  The heavy rain of a week ago did cause flooding in some Bridge City homes.  One of the causes is poor drainage which is the result of debris and other trash blocking ditches.

Carl Harbert and Eric Andrus are both on the City Council in Bridge City.  They have met and agree it is time for creation of a Beautification Committee in the city.

Harbert said he has seen the problem first hand in Bridge City.  He believes 90 percent of the flooding from the last storm was caused by poor drainage.  Harbert said trash and just general debris are blocking ditches causing them to back up.  Harbert expressed, “It’s going to take the school, it’s going to take all kind of organizations, but it’s our town, it’s time to clean it up and make it look presentable again.”

The City Council agreed with the goal of both Harbert and Andrus.  Although it did not officially create the Beautification Committee, the council gave its support to Andrus and Harbert to organize the effort. 

Lucy Fields also on the City Council would be an alternate on the unofficial Beautification Committee, but no more than two council members can meet together for concern it would constitute a quorum and would require a public notice.  Andrus and Harbert will be contacting groups, churches, and organizations for their help.  They will be glad to hear from volunteers wanting to help beautify Bridge City.

-Dan Perrine, KOGT-

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