Orange City Council Considering $27.6 Million Budget


The Orange City Council is considering a $27.6 million budget for the new fiscal year. More than half of that amount will be spent to pay salaries and benefits of city employees. The city has 194 full-time workers and two part-time. Many of them work for the police and fire departments. City Manager Shawn Oubre ...

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Orange County Police Calls

A woman living in the 2200 block of Coronado Place left her SUV running in the driveway Tuesday morning to go back into her house for a couple of minutes. That’s all the time someone needed to steal the vehicle. The woman called Orange police at 7:38 a.m. to report that her 2011 gray Kia ...

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Flesh-Eating Bacteria Victim Faced Leg Amputation

flesh eating bacteria leg

Precinct 2 Justice of the Peace Derry Dunn isn’t sitting on his bench wearing a robe these days. He’s propped up in bed, wearing shorts, with a small medical device connected to hoses taped around the calf of his right leg. Every couple of minutes the machine starts up and makes a noise. It’s a ...

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County Budget Workshops Continue

Budget workshops for the county have been held the last couple of weeks and will continue next week as well. During discussions at the workshop this afternoon the topic of the county needing to borrow money to pay bills for the final quarter was raised. County Auditor Mary Johnson joined County Judge Carl Thibodeaux and ...

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Lamar State College-Port Arthur Conferred 122 Degrees

Lamar State-Port Arthur conferred 122 degrees, certificates at Summer 2014 Commencement. Lamar State College-Port Arthur awarded 59 two-year associate degrees and 63 certificates of completion at its Summer 2014 Commencement Ceremony held Friday, August 15 at the Parker Center in Port Arthur. Carl A. Parker, a member of the Texas Legislature for more than 30 ...

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Orange County Loses Billion Dollar Plant Project

Enterprise Products may be the big one that got away from Orange County since Enterprise decided to build their billion dollar liquid petroleum plant on the Houston Ship Channel instead of in Orange County. The county still made a strong impression with Enterprise according to Orange County Commissioner David Dubose who met with officials from ...

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Bridge City Dirty Water Still a Problem

Bridge City Dirty Water

Bridge City is still working to fix the problem with the city’s water system. City Manager Jerry Jones says despite new pumps and numerous flushings the water problem is not resolved. The city is trying to control the problem right now. Many of the areas that were having problems are not having a problem, but ...

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Public Hearings for Bridge City Budget and Ad Valorem Tax

Public hearings were held by the City Council in Bridge City Tuesday on the budget and ad valorem tax for the fiscal year. There were no citizen comments on either during the hearings. The City Council will vote to approve the 47.8 cents per 100 dollars valuation tax rate at the September 16 council meeting. ...

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Brown Hangar at Orange County Airport Still an Eyesore

The Brown Hangar at the Orange County Airport has been an eyesore for months. Commissioner John Banken has asked county Maintenance Director Mark Wimberley for some projections on what it would cost to fix it up. Banken repeated his request Monday. Banken expressed concern about the appearance of the old hangar, but also was curious ...

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Target Date Set for Budget and Tax Rate Approval

Two public hearings on the county budget and the proposed tax rate were approved by the Commissioners’ Court Monday. Commissioners at the recommendation of County Judge Carl Thibodeaux approved using .5440 as the proposed rate for next year, which is the same as last year’s tax rate. The dates of the two public hearings in ...

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