Beauchamp Wins Recount

A tight election got even tighter with the recount Monday. The winner is still the challenger Theresa Beauchamp.
Beauchamp had a four-vote lead after the ballots were counted last Tuesday for the Precinct 2 County Commissioner in the Republican primary. Beauchamp won by only two votes over incumbent Barry Burton to be the Republican nominee following Monday’s recount.
The recount took over three hours for the four election judges to complete in the Orange County Elections Administration Office. Beauchamp was out of breath, but obviously ecstatic when the recount was done. Beauchamp stated, “This shows you if nothing else does that every vote counts.” She thanked the election judges for their diligent work doing the recount and gave her appreciation to all those that worked to help her win the nomination.
The Republican nominee said she is going to back off from campaigning briefly. Beauchamp promised to be working hard shortly though for the November election where she will face the Democratic nominee Deborah Mitchell for Precinct 2 County Commissioner.
-Dan Perrine, KOGT-

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