BC Installing Water Filters

Work to install filters in the water wells in Bridge City should start next week. Engineers and officials with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality will be in Bridge City on Monday.

City Manager Jerry Jones said work will begin Monday putting the filters and chemicals in the wells to help relieve the brown water problem in Bridge City. Jones added, “Probably take a few days before it’s anywhere close to being ready to put on line.”

The Romero well has had some problems recently and will be the last one to receive the filtration system in it. There will also be flushing of the water system, especially around the area of City Hall on Rachal, so citizens should be aware of the water quality being discolored the beginning of next week.

The City Council approved Tuesday keeping the same homestead exemptions for FY 2017. The local option will be 20 percent and the exemption for citizens 65 years or older and for disabled citizens will be $22,000.

A resolution was approved by the City Council opposing the passage of Senate Bill 715 which weakens municipalities’ abilities to annex properties. Mayor David Rutledge was approved by the council to work with other local communities especially the City of Orange and its City Manager Sean Oubre who is coordinating efforts to defeat or amend Senate Bill 715 and other proposed bills that will have adverse effects on cities to annex or conduct agreements for payment in lieu of taxes.

Rutledge expressed his displeasure with the proposed bills that will infringe on Bridge City’s abilities to develop its extraterritorial jurisdiction. “We’re just trying to come together as one voice at least for this area to oppose these kind of bills,” Rutledge exclaimed.

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