Athena Award Winner Announced

The Brown Estate was the site of the 2017 Athena Award presentation Tuesday morning.  The award, sponsored by First Financial Bank, honors local women for professional excellence, community service and for actively assisting women in their attainment of professional excellence and leadership skills.

This year’s award was a little different as the winner was a surprise announcement.  Loretta Hughes of Jerry Hughes Realty sat in the audience as daughter-in-law Debbie read her bio.  It wasn’t until about halfway through the presentation that Loretta realized that she was the recipient.  “It sounded like the bio of several women I know,” she told KOGT in an interview after receiving her award from FFB CEO Stephen Lee.

It was the 24th year of the award.  The previous winners are listed below.

2017-Loretta Hughes

2016- Elaine Meyers

2015- Judge Courtney Arkeen

2014- no award given

2013- Beverly Perry

2012- Mary Behnke

2011- Nancy Vincent

2010- Cecil Broom

2009- Theresa Beauchamp & Ruby Wimberly

2008- Katherine Frey

2007- Beth Rach

2006- Betty Harmon

2005- Debbie Hughes

2004- Pauline Hargrove

2003- Vivian Kelly

2002- Mary McKenna

2001- Eula Hoffpauir

2000- Cecily Varner

1999- Jane Whitfield

1998- Alexine Adams

1997- Louise Maberry

1996- Marcelle Adams

1995- Anna Jean Caffey

1994- Gisela Houseman

1993- Pam Crew Honeycutt


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