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Orange County Athletes of the Year
as selected by The Orange Leader

Athlete- Ray Pousson, WO
Football- James Long, WO
Basketball- Waymon Sibley, WO
Baseball- Paul Richardson, WO
Track- David Guidry, BC

Athlete- Dale McCall, LCM
Football- Craig Couvillion, Stark
Basketball- Donald Mosby, Stark
Baseball- Billy Bayliss, Stark
Track- Greg Peveto, Stark

Athlete- Andre Robertson, WO
Football- Randy Fults, BC
Basketball- Bill Grayson, Stark
Baseball- JE Lancaster, WO
Track- Gary Worster, BC

Athlete- Dudley Kraus, OF
Football- Jeff Fruge, OF
Basketball, Randy Martell, WO
Baseball- Kim Bryant, BC
Track- Patrice Roberts, Stark

Athlete- David Jones, BC
Football- Tony January, WOS
Basketball- Acy Duhon, BC
Baseball- Harlan Robertson, WOS
Track- Greg Hill, WOS

Athlete- Bryan Ward, BC
Football- Jimmy Jones, Vidor
Basketball- Greg Marshall, WOS
Baseball- Pat Meeks, BC
Track- Greg Hill, WOS

Athlete- Keith Little, OF
Football- Kerry Franks, WOS
Basketball- David Ess, BC
Baseball- Pat Meeks, BC
Track- Mark Kelly, BC &
Bradley Peveto, OF

Athlete- Louis Moore, WOS
Football- Lawrence Hardin, WOS
Basketball- Wendell Martin, BC
Baseball- Wade Phillips, WOS
Track- Bradley Peveto, OF

Athlete-Cazzy Francis, LCM
Football- Tommy Peevey, OF
Basketball- Walt Montet, BC
Baseball- Mike Perkins, LCM
Track- Larnell Thomas, WOS

Athlete- Homer Rhodes, LCM
Football- Tim Hagler, Vidor
Basketball- Connally Brown, WOS
Baseball- Greg Choate, LCM
Track- Aaron Hollier, BC

Athlete- Harold Green, WOS
Football- Homer Rhodes, LCM
Basketball- Anna Cooper, LCM
Baseball- Tony Dallas, WOS
Track- Derek Anderson, LC

Athlete- Johnny White, OF
Football- Harvey Granger, OF
Basketball- Bonnie Henson, WOS
Baseball- Shon Shelton, WOS
Track- Andrew Hollier, BC

Athlete- Rod Robertson, WOS
Football- Mark LeBlanc, BC
Basketball- Michael Chavis, WOS
Baseball- Mike Stewart, LCM
Track- Troy Guilbeaux

Athlete- Troy Guilbeaux, LCM
Football- Jeff Knox, WOS
Basketball- Tonya Dove, WOS
Baseball- Brian Daniels, LCM
Track- Brian Cleveland, WOS

Athlete- Kevin Smith, WOS
Football- Quinton Tezeno, WOS
Basketball- Gary Scott, WOS
Baseball- Thad Chaddrick, BC
Track- Krista Vicknair, BC

Athlete- Jeff Granger, OF
Football- Terrance Brown, WOS
Basketball- Travesa Gant, WOS
Baseball- Bruce Aven, WOS
Track- Wayne Guidry, OF

Athletes- Jeff Granger &
Sondra Ancelot, OF
Football- Ron Hasley, WOS
Basketball- Travessa Gant, WOS
Baseball- Bo Mires, BC
Track- Wayne Guidry, OF

Athlete- Lanie Menard, BC
Football- Tim Allen, WOS
Basketball- Kelly Colburn, LCM
Baseball- Kelly Free, WOS
Track- Wayne Guidry &
JoJo Harris, OF

Athlete- Kerry Bennett, WOS
Football- Frank Carpenter, BC
Basketball- Shandi Brister, OF
Baseball- Steve Martin, BC
Track- Wayne Guidry, OF

Athlete- Bob Buxton, Deweyville
Football- Frank Turner, WOS
Basketball- Candie Holt, OF
Baseball- Frankie Tays, LCM
Track- Meshell Richard, WOS

Athlete- Kendall Cleveland, WOS
Football- Warring Vital, WOS
Basketball- Nicole Daniels, OF
Baseball- Stephen Gilbert, Díville
Track- Jacob Davis, OF

Athlete-Becca Mathews, BC & Ramona Papillion, WOS
Football- Buster Ascol, LCM & Josh Tims, WOS
Bball- Jessica Callahan, Dville
Baseball- Kevin Kirby, OF
Track- Jacob Davis, OF

Athlete- Eric Anderson, WOS & Charlie Nichols, LCM
Football- TJ Locks, WOS
Basketball- BJ Evans, LCM & Tiffany Rogers, WOS
Baseball- John Patterson, WOS
Track- Brandy Spencer, WOS

Athlete- Norris McGhee, WOS
Football- Logan Moore, Dville
Basketball- Jason Throop, LCM
Baseball- Beau Hale, LCM
Track- Brandy Spencer, WOS

Athlete- Roy Locks, WOS
Football- Charles Sias, WOS
Basketball- Leanne Stark, LCM
Baseball- Jeremy Green, LCM
Track- Jonathan Henley, OF

Athlete- Eric Eshbach, OF &
April Belk, BC
Football- Beaux Daville, OF
Bball- Marcus Campbell, LCM
Baseball- Billy Burrow, LCM
Track- Kim Riley, LCM

Gayron Allen, WOS
Kacey Worthy, OF
Football- Dane Savoie, OF
Basketball- Marcus Campbell & LaToya Lewis, LCM
Volleyball- Erin Dillow, BC
Baseball- Josey Kelley, LCM
Softball- Laura Gremilion, BC
Track- Sharonda Renfro, WOS
Soccer- Derek Knapp, LCM
Tennis- David Duplechin, OF
Golf- Michael Arnaud, WOS

Ben King, BC
Melanie Hamerly, LCM
Football- Jermaine Hope, WOS
Volleyball- Jessica Johnson, BC
Basketball- Anthony Acosta & Labarbara Locks, WOS
Baseball- Chad Barbre, WOS
Softball- Laura Gremillion, BC
Soccer- Cody Davis, LCM 
Track- Donald Paul, WOS
Tennis- Brandon Odom & Joseph Hannan, WOS
Golf- Katie Harrison, LCM

Jamey Knight, BC
Nikki McCall, Deweyville
Football- Luke Wolfford, BC
Volleyball- Stephanie Hyatt, LCM
Basketball- Joey Byerly, WOS & Layne Riddick, Vidor
Soccer- Matt Day, LCM
Track- Brandon Johnson, WOS
Baseball- Luther Sanders, BC
Softball- Maranda Hester, Dewey
Tennis- Justin Boynton, LCM
Golf- Hunter Cooper, Comm.Chr.

Jamey Knight, BC
Kimmie Bayliss, LCM
Football- Matt Peebles, BC
Volleyball- Jayme Powell, LCM
Basketball- Joey Byerly, WOS & Geneva Spears, WOS
Soccer- Kristen Lanning, LCM
Track- Brandon Johnson, WOS
Baseball- Derek Blacksher, BC
Softball- Heather Bobbitt, Vidor
Tennis- Bobby Seals & Jacob Moore, WOS
Golf- Hunter Cooper, Comm.Chr.

Zane Williams, Dew
Brittany James, WOS
Foot- John Modica, OF
VB- Erica Sibley, LCM
BB- Austin Farias, OF
GBB- Kirby Myers, OF
Soccer- Jonathan Davis, LCM
Track-Michael Gauthier, BC
Baseball- Shon Landry
Softball-Cody Trahan, LCM
Tennis-DMarshall-MMoore, WOS
Golf- Hunter Cooper. CommChr.
Cody Sparks, BC
Brittany James, WOS
Football-Kenneth Beasley, WOS
VB- Erica Sibley, LCM
BB- Chris Barnes, OF
GBB-Kirby Myers, OF
Soccer-Kayla Williams, LCM
Track-Aaron Brannen, BC
Baseball-Kevin Angelle, BC
Softball-Meagan Godwin, BC
Tennis-Kody Duplechin, BC
Golf- Hunter Cooper, CC
2006 2007