The Orange County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a home invasion robbery that happened early Sunday morning. Deputies report they were called to the 900 block of West Old Highway 90 in Vidor at 5:48 a.m. Sunday. The victim said a man came into the residence and they fought. The intruder demanded money and the victim gave him an undermined amount. Then the robber fled.
Other log calls to Orange County Sheriff's Office
March 20-27, 2013
Theft of water service, 3800 block Windy Lane, Orange; 11:11 a.m. Wednesday, March 20.
Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, 7500 block State Highway 12, Vidor; 3:21 p.m. Wednesday, March 20.
Disorderly conduct with a student, Little Cypress-Mauriceville High School, 4 p.m. Wednesday, March 20.
Fraud, 500 block North Teal Road, Orange; 9:23 a.m. Thursday, March 21.
Burglary of habitation, 2500 block of West Norman Circle, Orange; 4:12 p.m. Thursday, March 21.
Fraud, 4600 block Elliott Street, Vidor; 6:02 p.m. Thursday, March 21.
Animal nuisance, 200 block of Robin Street, Rose City; vicious dog reported at 7:06 p.m. Thursday, March 21.
Burglary of building, 7000 block South Bilbo Road, Orange; 9:26 a.m. Friday, March 22.
Theft, 18200 block of North Texas Highway 62, Mauriceville; 1:15 p.m. Thursday, March 21. Man went to sub-station to report electrical wire removed from his property.
Fraud, 3400 block Dearing Road, Orange; 10:58 a.m. Friday, March 22.
Theft of copper, 3800 block Texas Highway 87, Bridge City; 4:48 p.m. Friday, March 22.
Disturbance, 2300 block North Main Street, Vidor; 12:45 a.m. Saturday, March 23. Called to assist Vidor Police Department. A suspect was shocked with a Taser gun and arrested by VPD.
Disturbance, 7200 block North Linscomb Road, Vidor; 10:13 a.m. Saturday, March 23.
Theft, 500 block East Courtland Street, Vidor; 10:14 p.m. Saturday, March 23.
Disturbance, 3800 block Barnhill Street, Vidor; 3:18 a.m. Sunday, March 24.
Burglary of a habitation, 2600 block of FM 3247, Orange; 7:19 a.m. Sunday, March 24.
Criminal mischief, 6900 block Bessie Heights Road, Orange; 10:25 p.m. Sunday, March 24. Someone flattened tires on three different vehicles at a residence.
Burglary of habitation, 5200 block Harmon Road, Orange; 2:44 p.m. Sunday, March 24.
Criminal mischief, 9000 block of Texas Highway 87 North, Orange; 7:38 p.m. Sunday, March 24.
Assault, 8900 block Kristi Lane, Orange; 10:46 p.m. Sunday, March 24.
Criminal mischief, 3274 Little Cypress Drive, Little Cypress Baptist Church, Orange; 8:24 a.m. Monday, March 26.
Criminal mischief, 6300 block of Not Possum Drive, Orange; 9:09 a.m. Monday, March 25, in reference to criminal mischief at Little Cypress Baptist Church.
Theft, Four Oaks Ranch Road, Vidor; theft of copper, 9:41 a.m. Monday, March 25.
Criminal mischief, 300 block Claiborne Street, Vidor; person went to the sheriff’s sub-station on Monday, March 25, to report a criminal mischief case on a vehicle that occurred January 31.
Burglary of a motor vehicle, 100 block of FM 1078, Orange; 4:12 p.m. Monday, March 25.
Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, 1400 block Freeway Boulevard, Rose City; 5:24 p.m. Tuesday, March 26.
Harassment, 5600 block Broussard Circle, Orange; man arrested for public intoxication after report of a disturbance, 8:53 p.m. Tuesday, March 26.