The Bridge City Math and Science Team competed at the Cardinal Qualifier this Saturday. The following students placed in events:

6th Grade Number Sense

John Morgan 3rd

Jacob Cunningham 5th

Hannah Wiegreffe 10th

7th Grade Number Sense

Moyleang Taing 9th

Wesley Lewis 10th

8th Grade Number Sense

Kendall Gibson 4th

Justin Strong 8th

Kevin Fontenot 10th

6th Grade Calculator

Jacob Cunningham 1st

Hannah Wiegreffe 5th

John Morgan 7th

7th Grade Calculator

Wesley Lewis 1st

Moyleang Taing 2nd

Kyler Champagne 5th

Alyssa Dunigan 8th

8th Grade Calculator

Kendall Gibson 1st

Kevin Fontenot 5th

Zach Dionne 6th

6th Grade General Math

John Morgan 6th

Haley Potter 10th

8th Grade General Math

Kendall Gibson 7th

7th Grade Science

Kyler Champagne 7th

8th Grade Science

Kendall Gibson 2nd

Kevin Fontenot 7th

Brianna Cross 9th


The Number Sense Team was 3rd overall

The Calculator Team was 1st overall

The General Math Team was 3rd overall

The Science Team was 3rd overall

The Team won 3rd place Sweepstakes