20-20 Treasure Hunt Clue



Clues will be given on KOGT Radio daily at 6am and also on KOGT.com

CLUE 3: Wednesday; July 26

We are trucking now, headed towards the hidden treasure certificate in a new Colorado pickup. But, beware it is not over until it is over and you have to decipher the clues correctly to be able to take it to the house in the end. If your path reaches a dead end you may wonder which way to wander. You really only have 2 choices on which lane to take. All I can say is left is right and right you’ll be left out, so take the express towards the Sabine until you get tomorrow’s clue.


Very similar to the annual KOGT Mardi Gras Treasure Hunt, clues will be given daily on KOGT Radio and on KOGT.com starting at 6am each day.  The clues will lead you to the treasure, which is a 5×7 laminated card with the KOGT Logo and the announcement as being “the winner!”  The prize is ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS! No digging or climbing is necessary and access to the certificate is available 24 hrs a day.


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